Monday, July 24, 2017

Secret Betrayer, Episode 10.

I hadn’t picked Vera’s calls, neither have I replied her chats so, I feel she should be worried sick about me or simply irritated by my actions. Reason? I don’t want to give out my location in anyway whatsoever. I will be leaving Lagos and back to school in a bit, so I had to plan what I will tell her. Vera’s instincts had always scared me, perhaps she must have a strong feeling by now that I’m somewhere out of place. Maybe.
My stay with Collins was an awesome and wonderful experience. He fell in love with me after that first night. He explained that my willingness to go all the way with him attracted him to me. We did several silly things like making out in almost every nook and cranny of the house. Quickies became our drinking water. He had a very high libido and would stop at nothing to get his gratification.
Collins was a naughty fellow, a very naughty one; in a good way though. One of the memories I had that has stuck was one created at the cinema where we went to see a movie. In the middle of the movie, he made me stroke him in the dimlit hall till he came. The scent of his ejaculation almost betrayed us if not for the small bottle of fragrance I’d brought with me that saved the day. All the time in the cinema, his hands were on my breasts, caressing and squeezing hard.
I was meant to last only three days with Collins but with his persuasion, I lasted one whole week. One week of unholy and erotic escapades. One week of routine rounds of sex and all related with it. The only time I said no to him was when he suggested we do anal. OMG! That thing can’t make it through my back-hole . He grimaced and left angrily but later came to apologize and explained he understood.
On the day I was supposed to leave, Collins had booked a 17:30 flight for me. I was alone in the house after he left for work. As I was cleaning the house, something struck my mind, it occured to me that in all our adventures around every corner of the house, I had never entered his bedroom. He locked it each time he had to leave the house without me. I was simply curious. I mean he has my 100% trust already. I just wanted to see what his room looked like. I wanted to see how I could relate his closet to his personality. All our lovemaking had taken place in my own bedroom – the guest room.
I tried the knob and to my surprise, it opened. I wanted to shove the door and enter but I hesitated. What is it I was wary about? What could it be I was longing to see. Perhaps he was just being meticulous like every other gentleman. What if I displaced​ something and he discovered it and became enraged. What would be my defence? I startled as my phone suddenly rang.
Collins was calling me just to ascertain if his bae was doing good and not feeling bored. I explained I was good and just cleaning the house and preparing the things for my departure. He didn’t like to hear that I was leaving. He dropped after blowing me a kiss over the phone.
After the call, I was faced with the door in front of me. Without thinking any further, I shoved the door inside gently until there was enough space for me to slide in. The room was dim and warm. I guess the air conditioner hadn’t been put to use for a while, perhaps since my arrival. I groped for the switch just above my head and turned on the lights.
“Oh My God!” I silently exclaimed. The sight that greeted my eyes left me gaping. I stood spellbound for some seconds gazing at the orgy sight of Collins’ room. My phone startled me with a loud ring and I justled to pick up but not before retreating from the room and shutting the door.
“Hello,” It’s Collins again. “Fifi, where are you?” His voice twittered from the other end.
“Uhmmm, I told you before na. I’m cleaning.” I replied, trying to steady my voice. He just called me a while ago, what else could he want?
“Yeah, yeah, I know. Ehm, just leave whatever you are doing and go to the supermarket. I need you to pick some things for me from there. You know, some beverages and toiletries.” He said almost impatiently.
“But we just restocked​ all those things recently?” I put on an enquisitive look.
“Yes I know. Just do as I say and stop asking questions.” He said. “Go right away and tell any of the sales girls the bill is on me.” He continued. “Go now, Fifi. I’ll make a call to them right away.” He paused and hastily added. “You can pick anything else you might need. Just go.” The line died with a click.
I stood pondering over everything and rushed back to my room leaving the cleaning I was doing. I did as he said and before I returned from the supermarket, he was back and waiting for me. He hugged me and informed me that he had change of plans so had to rebook my flight for a 15:30 trip. I didn’t understand the haste in his voice even when in the car on our way to the airport. But in all, I was more concerned about what I saw in Collins’s room recently.
Through my journey back to school, I only thought of how it would have been if Vera and Collins are still together.

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