Friday, July 14, 2017

Secret Betrayer, Episode 5.

I started chatting with Collins, even though he didn’t know I was the one. I took it step by step. We graduated into calling each other. I never saved his phone number for fear of getting caught by Vera. Yet, Collins haven’t yet started calling Vera nor picking her calls. She had to move on.
The heartbreak was so much for her. It affected her relationship with other people, her posts on Facebook, and so on. But why do I care? It’s my turn to play my card well.
Months later, Desmond was still asking Vera out. She decided to give him a chance, just to pass time with him. She was not planning to have any serious relationship with him. She told him about Collins and how everything affected her. He promised to be her best friend and someone she can always count on and that’s how my friend got her groove back gradually. Though Desmond was not so buoyant financially, yet he takes care of her so well. Nevertheless, my friend still calls Collins who’s still yet to pick her calls.
At some point, I asked Collins if he has a girlfriend, he said yes but that they were not in talking terms, that he wants to teach her a lesson. I would talk on phone with Collins for long. I knew I made him happy.
Vera noticed my phone have been busy lately. She wanted to know who my new boyfriend is. But of course, how will I tell her it’s Collins. I definitely can’t. I had to fake a story of how I met some guy like that. And she believed me but still wanted my boyfriend to come so she would get to know him too.
Months later, Collins started talking about coming to see me, but I objected. Instead, I opted to travel to lag to see him. He seemed happy about the suggestion. I had to lie to Vera that I was going to see my parents so as to take away any kind of suspicion. Collins paid for my flight ticket to Lagos and I travelled to lag to see him. He picked me up from the airport.
On seeing me, he thought it was a coincidence, but I approached with confidence.
“Aaahaaa! Are you not Fifi?” He asked looking surprised. I smiled lightly and gave him a hug. He stood, still confused. “What are you doing in lag na?” He questioned.
“I came to see you.” I replied.
“Hahahahah, you must be joking right? He laughed hard.
“So, who do you think you came to pick up here?” I was already not liking him. “I ain’t joking na.” I said seriously.
Collins reached for his phone inside his pocket and dialled my number, and my phone rang in front of him. He nearly could not believe his ears until he put the phone’s speaker close to his ears to confirm it is the right phone. He was not happy with the fact that I played him. He helped with my small box and we headed for his car.
He said nothing on our way to wherever he’s taking me, so I apologized to him. I told him that if he had known it was me he wouldn’t have chatted with me, and that he would have thought I was on a mission to settle the fight between him and Vera.
“So, you’re not on a peace mission right?” He asked gently.
I just nodded my head with a smile, and changed the topic.

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  1. Have you any idea why they really want you to do KIDNEY DIALYSIS?


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