Friday, July 14, 2017

Secret Betrayer, Episode 6.

After a long silent drive, I broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that provoked a twisted smile on Collins face.
“So, how have you been?” I asked.
“Very well, dear.” He replied sweetly.
We talked about so many things and laughed about them.
“Ehm, I don’t have anything at home, so we’ll have to stop by a fast food restaurant and get something you could eat.” He said after awhile.
“Fast food?” I carried a bad look. “No o, I react to foods I didn’t cook by myself.” I said with the same awful look.
“Huh?” He looked at me.
“Yea, yea, that’s me.” I said confidently. “I hardly eat outside.” I moved my head from looking at his face.
“Wow!” Collins looked at me amazed, but still driving.
“It’s no big deal o, that’s how I live.” I smiled.

His house is such a big house with a wide and spacious compound. Collins loves Dogs; there were about 3 Rottweilers in the compound.
“OMG! I hate dogs!” I screamed as I stepped out of his car.
“Hahaha, you’ve got to like dogs o. They are man’s only friend you know?” He reassured.
“No o, not these types that look like Lions na.” I got back into a the car. “I’m not coming out from this car until these dogs are chained.” I said stubbornly.
Collins laughed, played a little with the dogs and put them back into their respective cages. I then came out of the car. His security guy has already taken my things inside the sitting room.
“Wow! You have a very nice place.” I said as I looked round the sitting room in just a few seconds. I fell in love with his place. It was so nice.
Collins sitting room has a solid oak back floor, white walls with white curtains. He has photos of the family in a black frame and a white chandelier type of light. A large Sofa with a Zebra pattern, and in one corner is a huge plasma TV and in the other corner is a quadrant shaped aquarium.
“You’re welcome to my humble abode.” Collins said from behind me. He walked past me, and proceeded in showing me the visitor’s room.
“Me? In the visitor’s room?” I chuckled quietly. “Well, na
small small shaa.” I said to myself. “Wow! Is this where I’ll be staying?” I asked Collins who noded his head smiling at me. “It’s too beautiful, but also, big for me.” I said. “I don’t like staying alone oo. I’m too scared of staying alone.” I said with a frightening glare. “I hope you ain’t planning on keeping me here and going to your room?” I questioned.
“Hahaha.” Collins laughed. “Of course not. Just freshen up so we could stroll down to the mini market and pick up stuffs you will cook for dinner.”
“OK dear. I’ll be out in a giffy.” I looked happy.
He left the room and closed the door, and I started unpacking my stuffs from my box.

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