Monday, July 24, 2017

Secret Betrayer, Episode 9

Bang! We were startled by the sound of orange tray hitting the tiled floor. It was tossed off by Collins legs moving enthusiastically on the table on which it was placed. As I turned to assume my previous position, my gaze was met by his, and the kiss resumed more strongly soon after a brief exchange of innocent gestures.
The smell and taste of passionateness radiated through his lips that I know could not wait to be taken to the sacrificial alter, where all feelings and cravings would be slaughtered via offerings.
After a while, we both ran out of gas, and took a pause to let in some air. The resumption started with a peck and there after, I beckoned him to allow me pull off my short pink silk tiny strapped night gown. He steadied himself on the soft sofa and watched as I systematically revealed the sexy bodied Fifi. With visible gulps to show his impatience, I went for his lips again, kissed for some seconds, and forcely ended it with my right index finger to his lips.
He watched again as I unbuttoned his pyjamas top with both hands, and tongue-licked him from his upper chest down to below his bellybutton. His body scent was too sweet to make me stop there, so I continued with a light peck to his lips first, his nipples seconded, his bellybutton thirded, and back to his lips again while I untied the rope of his pyjamas trousers.
The hugeness of his thing in my hands left me in great disbelief, as he let out a light sigh at the touch of it. I had to see with my eyes too.
“This is huge!!!” I whispered almost unconsciously with eyes wide opened. “This is really huge!” I said again measuring it with my eye-meter and gave a fine nod of deep respect.
I know it is well over what you can imagine right now, but know that my mouth could not even take in half of it. It was both big and long. I blowjobbed him while he continuously groan deep. His groan seemed sexy to me too. It makes me want to continue doing it.
After taking in loads of precum, he grabbed my head and gave me a deep kiss before lifting me into his arms. He carried me to my room, threw me towards the bed, pull off his trousers and then went for my pants.
He laid several short kisses all over my body, sucked on my nipples, and later went inbetween my pelvic region.
He gave me his head. I groaned deeper and noiser. I could not stop the force of my first come. It came hard!
The sound of my ringing phone in the sitting room was not enough to stop the romance. I went for his lips again and again before the real thing went down. It went down deep down. I stopped counting the number of cums after the second one before his.
We slipped off into a deep everlasting sleep after the showdown. My dream that night was totally different, and I’m sure his would have been a lot sweeter.

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