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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Google Appeals EU €2.4B fined for Manipulating Search Results, See Details Below

Earlier this year, Google was fined a record of €2.4 billion for manipulating search results. Today, Google filed an appeal against the European Commission’s decision to fine it a record of €2.4 billion ($2.9 billion) for anti-trust.
Meanwhile, its chances for success was boosted by Intel's partial victory last week against another EU sanction.
According to reports from other bloggers ;

"The Alphabet affiliate is positive that the amount might change for good after Intel managed to overturn an 8-year-old decision for anti-competitive behavior.
"The European Commission ordered Google on June 27 to stop tampering with results on Google Shopping and gave the company two months to comply with the decision. With the September 28 date closing, Google had not asked for an interim order of the suspension, according to a court spokeswoman.
"The search engine company needs to come up with a proposal how it would satisfy the European Commission’s ruling to allow consumers “a choice and benefits of innovation”. Google has to change its algorithm and treat rival shopping services as equal.".

What is your view about this?

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