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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Android 8.1 Will Help To Reduce Size Of Inactive Apps Inorder To Save Space On Your Devices

Storage spa Storage space had been one of the issue everyone face in their phone, alerts like “ low memory storage” are like nightmare to Android users. Even some OEMs has started raising their memory storage to 64GB, some 32GB and some go as low as 16GB inbuilt memory. With Google new file management app called “Files Go “, it’s obvious that Google intends to make storage a thing of the past.

The latest feature mentioned by AOSP framework is that any app that is inactive, would be automatically flagged and deprioritizes the generation of cache files for the particular application.

Meanwhile, Android will only consider an app “inactive”, if it has not been used for some days or in the foreground.

So these apps flagged or marked “inactive “, won’t have cache files generated for them, thus reducing their memory storage space. Meanwhile, OEMs needs to activate and enable this feature before the device can take full advantage of it.

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