Friday, February 9, 2018

Shocking!!! Nigerian Telecom Operators Lose 10 Million Subscribers

Like seriously, this is probably one of the reasons most Nigerian targeted blogs and websites are loosing traffic recently. The number of subscribers keeps reducing coupled with the recent incremental data plan prices. Some people find it hard to subscribe to data plans.

Now according to the report from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria’s $70 billion telecommunications industry ended year 2017 with 145 million active subscribers, after loosing 10 million customers within the period.

The stats which was revealed by NCC yesterday shows that teledensity crashed, loosing 7%.

From the statistics, MTN is still the most popular in the market and finished the year with 36.2% market share and 51.4million subscribers.

The second largest network in the country is the indigenous Globacom with 37 million subscribers and 26.4% market share.
Airtel came third with 25. 3% of the market with 35.9 million subscribers.

While the embattled 9mobile had to settle with 12.03% market share with 17 million subscribers.

In the telecom industry, the year started with 155 million subscriptions and 110 per cent teledensity, but within the 12 months period, so many subscribers dropped their telephone lines because of one reason or the other.

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