Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tutorial On How To Put Your Blog On OperaMini News Feed | Step By Step Guides On How To Successfully Display Your Blog Posts On Opera News Feed | How Can I Make My Blog To Show On OperaMini News Feed | How To Put My Blog / Site On Opera / Operamini News Feed

I welcome you all webmasters and bloggers in the blogging industry to this great post. Yeah its a great post and i mean it, because since have been searching the internet have not come across this particulatlr tutorial that am about to drop for you guys.

Yeah, let's continue... Have got alot of messages from my fellow bloggers about how i added and how to add a blog or site to operamini news feed. And here we are today as am going to drop for you the tips and steps on how to get it done easily.

However, let's take a look at the advantages of putting your blog to operamini news feed

Importance Of Adding Your Blog Or Site To Opera News Feed
1. You get more traffics to your blog and Your site / blog will becomes more popular - In the sense that it will be visible to all users of operamini in Africa and in the whole world which is an extimate of billion users. isn't that cool?

2. It's Another Source of Income For You As A Blogger - By displaying your blog or site on the operamini news feed, opera will be paying you 50% of their revenue as they will be able to advertise their products to users reading your contents in the news feed.

Note: They will only pay you when your money reach the threshold of $1000.
Now lets go to the main business.

Steps On How To SuccessFully Add Your Site Or Blog To Operamini News Feeed

Kindly follow the below steps carefully to get this done;

* First and foremost, all you have to do is goto your email and send a mail to this >>> particular email address.

* Probably after some days, you should get a reply from an opera agent telling you to write a formal and appropiate request together with your blog or site link that he will forward it to the newsfeed team. Do what he says and reply him back with your details.

* Wait and dont be hurry as they will definitely give you feedback on what to do next after somedays ( Only if your blog worth their approval).

* And if they approve your request, just follow the intructions that will be given to you to get it done.

Note: It take months before finishing up the whole processes and after that your blog / site will start displaying on the opera news feed and you are good to go.

Is this article helpful? if yes kindly drop your comments below for encouragement.

And incase you face any problem during the whole thing, feel free to ask me using the comment box below.

And if you know you can't do it, contact me by using the Contact Us page and i will get it done for you. Putting it in mind that you will pay for my service.

Thank You! I Am Olex(Baba). lol😂😂.


  1. I'm Salim

    I appreciate so much for this wonderful sharing

    I also noticed your blog from my operamini news feed
    without wasting much time let me quickly rushed and try the above steps

    thanks once again for sharing this. I really appreciate

    commenting from Nairatechs

  2. how many months did it take them to approve you admin

    1. To finish up everything, its 2months or so... So just be calm and have faith.

  3. What were you sent when you were approved after you sent your site in for review.. Admin Please reply

    1. I was sent a form to fill.
      Before they start the on boarding

  4. i have gain something meaningful after reading this post. thanks


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