Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good News! Opera News Has Now Increased Their Referral Bonus Airtime To #100

As we all know that Opera news application has been trending greatly across the internet for a while now and it has been satisfying users needs wonderfully due to the introduction of the referal bonus that gives referals chance to earn airtime by them inviting people to download the App. Now again, Opera news has increased its referrals bonus to N100 airtime. Cool right?

Opera news is an app that delivers trending news about technology, celebrity updates, sports and many others. They launched the Opera news to entice many customers to their app.

The referral feature now gives N100 airtime bonus instead of the previous N50 to those you refer. While the person you refer now gets N50 instead of the previous N50 airtime.

If you refer 10 people, you would get a whooping
N1,000 airtime that can be used for data subscription and calls. It’s a normal airtime that can be recharged via VTU method.

To download the app, kindly click here and start referring people today to get free airtime with the app and enjoy all other features in the app.

1 comment:

  1. this thing is fake my friends downloaded through my referral link it only shows the numbers of click but I'm not credited


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