Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Whatsapp Update: You Can Now Easily Re-download Deleted Media On WhatsApp Back To Your Phone

Wow, Latest WhatsApp update now allows you download deleted media files from your phone storage. This is a good news coming at the right time for all of us using whatsapp because you can now recover both mistakenly and intentionally deleted medias.

WhatsApp is doing everything possible to remain the top IM messenger in the world as Telegram is also giving it a fierce rivalry.

How To Re-download WhatsApp Deleted Media (Pictures, videos, mp3 etc)

At the moment, the media in question include: images, gifs, documents, video, and audio files.

So if you happen to delete any of the above media, you can Re-download them. But note that you can only recover media that had been deleted previously from your phone’s storage (through the gallery or a file manager) not from WhatsApp itself.

√ To do this, open your WhatsApp and go back to the conversation in WhatsApp and you’ll find the blurred thumbnail there with a download button again. Just tap it, and you’ll have your images or documents back. This new update has been tested with images, GIFs, videos, audio, and documents, so you should be able to get back anything you mistakenly erased from your phone file manager.

Note that You must update your WhatsApp with the latest version before you can apply the above technic. Download latest whatsapp by simply head over to play store to get this new feature if it’s not already active on your device.

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