Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mtn Unlimited Freebrowsing Cheat August 2018 With Tweakware VPN Settings

Here I am again with a new tweak using another VPN called "Tweakware" to activate MTN free browsing cheat this August 2018. Incae you don't know, I have already posted two different methods to enjoy this new MTN Browsing cheat but there are still some people that are yet to enjoy this cheat even with Spark VPN and Syponshield VPN. So I have provided yet another alternative settings and app to ensure that everyone enjoys it before MTN blocks the cheat.

Although this MTN Browsing cheat 2018 is still capped at 10MB daily for majority users while very few lucky ones are blazing it unlimited 24/7 without limits and they are still enjoying it uptill now. As you can see in the screenshots below.

So, if you are one of the victims which yours use to capped at 10mb you can actually use this app to bypass that 10MB limit by applying the necessary settings here.

Tweakware is one of the oldest and popular VPN app that is use to enjoy free internet connection

The app offers FREE and PREMIUM services so it's your choice to choose the one that suits you. The free service has only one server located in the United States and when the traffic gets congested, it frequently disconnects. Also there is ads popup from time to time but if you upgrade to Tweakware premium version , you get a
premium account with Username and Password and you will have more servers to select from. There won't be adverts on the app and your connection becomes more stable. Without wasting much of your time, let's go straight to how to setup Tweakware VPN for this MTN tweak.

* An Android Smartphone
* An MTN SIM with 0.0kb balance and no data
* Strong 3G network
* Tweakware VPN ( download here )
* Use the default MTN APN settings as it is.
Now having met the requirements above, apply the settings below to activate this free browsing.

√ Launch the Tweakware app you downloaded from the link above
√ Then select CUSTOM TWEAK
√ Under custom tweak, enter below settings;
> connection mode = http
> Sever port = 8080
> Host header =
> Header type: singleline
> Tick "reverse proxy"
> Proxy host =
> Proxy port = 8080
√ After that, go back to the Tweakware app homepage and select CUSTOM TWEAK from the drop-down listing other free browsing tweaks on Glo, Etisalat etc
√ Next, select the "free server" (if you are a free user) otherwise select one of the premium servers if you registered for premium account and hit the CONNECT button to start your free browsing.

NOTE: Tweakware has a 350mb limit per day while in some versions, it's more than that. Enjoy!!!

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