Saturday, August 4, 2018

Steps To Start Video Call In WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp which is one of the most used chatting app in the world today introduced group video call features to allow group members engage in video calls involving more than two participants. Below is the brief guideline on how to start a WhatsApp group video call.

How To Start Whatsapp Group Video Call

√ To start a group call, launch your WhatsApp application and enter the group you want make the call from
√ Next, locate the members chat and highlight it by long-pressing as if you want to copy the chat
√ Now click the 3 dot (option) tap at the top right corner and select video call or voice as you can see from the screenshot below, then it will connect.
√ To add more members on the call, look at the top-right corner of the screen, a "add symbol" that will let you add more participants will be displayed.
√ As the intiator, you can add 3 participants in a video or voice call. Now you are connected, enjoy the communication with your loved ones and colleagues.

Note that the video call is different from voice call in the sense that you will be able to see the people your are communicating with LIVE. It's Similar to Snapchat and Messenger video calls.
For now, WhatsApp group video call is restricted to 4 participants meaning you can't add more than 4 members during the call. We hope whatsapp increases this limit in subsequent updates. Don't forget to share this post.

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