Three Types Of Ladies You Must Avoid Dating In the University

Types of lady you must avoid in University

Most Male in the University always want an angel in person mainly to walk heads up and boast to their friends about her. However, the angel in appearance can be the devil’s servant in her mannerism sent to finish you financially, emotionally and academically. Seducing these kinds of campus divas will land you into a relationship diarrhea. Here are the types of ladies to avoid hitting on Campus:

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1. Gold-Diggers
These are the types of campus divas that would have betrayed Jesus on behalf of Judas Iscariot just to get money. When they speak, they sound money and they will always be with you when you have something to offer in return. Their main aim is not to love you but to get all the money and materials they can take from you. They will they leave you when you are financially damaged and find another man to fish his money.

2. Slay Queens
Please be warned, hitting on a slay queen is like getting into a labyrinth, you will get lost at the middle of the road. These kinds of ladies believe in a free, temporary and a business world.

However, their major business in this world is ‘sponsorpreneurship’. Imagine sharing a lady’s’ heart with other old men who most of them change on a weekly basis, you will definitely suffer from a relationship headache.

3. Drunkards and smokers
When drunk, most ladies end up been used and harassed especially during in-house parties. This is because they walk around touching and hugging everyone at the party.

The male comrades always take advantage of them and engage in sexual activities without their consent. If this was the love of your life, how will you feel when such a thing happens?

You will even feel ashamed to walk by her side afterwards. The complainers. If you hit on a complainer, you will only hear the word peace during the United Nation (UN) Peace Summit. They will complain over everything including why you do not smile while you sleep.

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