Three Side Effects Of Using Dye On Your Hair, Check It Out

Side Effects Of Dyeing hair

Dyeing hair has become one of the most preferred hairstyles nowadays. People mostly prefer the hair design since they can change it overnight based on the color of their dressing the following day and can also opt to change in based on different colors in a short period of time.

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Even though the look might seem fashionable, dyeing your hair has adverse effects not only to your hair but also to your body health. Here are the side effects of dyeing your hair you have to know;

1. Causes Hair Damage
Dyeing your hair so often risks it to increased damage and loss of its natural look.

Most dyes contain chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide which bleaches your hair as well as stripping it any moisture in it thus making it brittle and thus easy to break off.

2. Causes Allergic Reactions
Most hair dyes contains a chemical called paraphenyldiamine which is responsible of causing skin irritations, swelling of the scalp, itchiness and even redness on the face.

The more a person uses hair dye, the more the allergic reactions occur. However, the reactions may not occur suddenly but might be evident over time.

3. Leads to Asthma
Hair dyes contains persulfates which lead to wheezing, coughing, sneezing, throat discomfort and constant exposure to such chemicals can hinder one's breathing and in turn lead to asthma.

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