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Steps To Convert JPG To PDF On Windows 10

Welcome back to olexhome. Today , we'll be discussing on the basic steps to convert JPG images to PDF format within a twinkle of an eye. Let's head on to the basic steps. 


1. Power on your WINDOWS 10 pc , click on the JPG in your FILE EXPLORER. 
2. Now , right click on the the jpg file and click print.
3. Tap on Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer in the print images .
4. Select your preferred paper size, quality and quantity of it's copy.
5. Tap print layout by your right hand side. Print pictures will as well allow you to pick multiple jpg files and combine them to PDF inside the same layout options.
6. Click on print to open the save print output as a dialog so as to enable you to input the name and also pick the Location of the pdf document or file.

Once you have Successfully followed the above steps , you are good to go.
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