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Man Beats His 8 Months Pregnant Wife To Death In Abuja

A shocking, sad and tragedy story of an heartless man who beat up his wife till she gave up in Abuja was shared by Enema Ugwuonye.
The attack did happen when the man realized his wife was carrying in her womb another baby girl after giving birth to 3 female children for the man.
According to him ,he said :
" The tragedy incident happened in Abuja on Tuesday morning. We believed the young man attacked his wife jus Because he found out his wife was carrying in her womb another baby girl and became aggressive because he never expected a baby girl again.
People around heard the Pregnant woman shouting and screaming around the early hours of the night and some struggling sounds . Unfortunately he beat the woman to death. The next morning, the man head on to the police station to make a report that his wife suffered a sudden but natural death.
Having done this , the police spoke to the neighbors and get to know he was the one responsible for the woman's death. And they also investigate from their daughter which was confirmed that he beat her to death.
The man we arrested by the police for murder and has been detained.
It's quite sad and unloving that the neighbors heard the woman groaning in pain but refused to intervene or inform the police.

Stay tuned for more updates."

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