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As a student in Nigeria , we all know its kinda hard to live a comfortable life that's why most of the youths are rushing into yahoo , money ritual and all sorts of cyber crimes.
Most of we Nigerian youths and students are striving hard to earn a living legally which we find so stressful and hard.

In this article , we will be discussing 3 lucrative online works you can easily start from home without spending much on or without scamming people before you get profit.
Before we proceed ,i will state some challenges you have to expect as soon as you venture into those lucrative business before it boom.

Here are the challenges you need to expect;

1. At first , your sales might be kinda lower than your expectation, don't relent ,consistency will make you successful.

2. Don't get distracted or weighed down when you see, hear or come across your competitors earning or profit.

3. Don't be disturbed when you are being charged for a service which will boost or help increase your business performance positively.

Getting yourself prepared for for this 3 challenges , i can assure you of success.

Now , lets go straight to the main business not to waste our time. Below is a list of lucrative business you can easily venture into as a student that will change your financial status for good.

They Are;



 Venturing into graphics designing is a very great decision. Graphics designing is very profitable in such a way that you can make up to #5,000 sitting in your room designing withing minutes. Another interesting part is that its not a must you have a laptop to venture into graphics designing , you can design banners , flyers , handbills and even video animations using your android phone.
 Start a graphics designing business, you don't really need much to start, if you are a newbie, you will need to learn with something like #2,500 - #5,000 depending on the person teaching you. After learning , you only need to get your data subscription  at least 500mb and thats all . You are set to start designing for people in need of your service.


In blogging business , you have to be very hardworking if we are to be sincere. To start a blogging business in Nigeria , you need to decide on which niche you will be writing on (e.g Health, Fashion, Foods, News, Travel and lots more...), set up a blog with responsive and simple design so as to keep your readers interest.Having done that , you need to monetize your blog by connecting to some ads serving company like ;


Now once you are done setting up your site/blog , you have to keep your blog updated on a daily basis , create social media accounts so that you can share your contents to drive more traffic.
In blogging , your income is measured based on the amount of visitors or readers you have on a daily basis which will be converted to real money for you.


Mini-importation is simply the act of buying of goods from overseas at a very lower rate, shipping to Nigeria and selling at higher rate once it gets to Nigeria.
The question is "HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO ORDER ?" , the answer to this question can be properly answered by you , simply because you are the one to or rate what people around you loves to buy most.
Once you identify what people surrounding you love to buy , you can then proceed to order them at a very lower rate and ship down to Nigeria to sell to at a profitable rate. To start Mini-Importation , you need at least #10,000-#15,000 depending on the product you are shipping.
Once you get your goods here in Nigeria , as a student, you can easily market your goods on your social media accounts or even tell them physically at school or hostels.
You have to learn mini-importation before you venture into it so as for you not to venture into business you don't have its prior knowledge.

Now, its left to you to select the one you have interesting or the one you are financially capable of starting. You can contact me on WHATSAPP to learn any of the above business at a very affordable price.

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